Let the fine era pedal with RIDO go-karts

Experience the different ranges of Pedal go karts that fit to all age group. . RIDO is an excellent first vehicle for children under ten to learn beginning driving, driver etiquette and safety that will make them good car drivers in the future.


Children's outdoor play is different from time spent indoors. Children are free to do 'messy' activities outdoors that won't be tolerated indoors. Outdoor environments are important for the development of children’s independence and autonomy. To enliven the children’s passion for returning outdoors, FunRiders launches its flagship product “RIDO”. A cool collection of Go-Karts have been lined up to suit the wishes of various clients. Pedal, electric and racing configurations are available to choose from.

RIDO go-karts have been rolled out as a fully-fledged product of Funriders Leisure and Amusement Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001- 2008 certified company and an IAAPI member. We at Funriders were amazed by the vast pre-orders and positive feedbacks concerning RIDO that we prepared ourselves to conquer the market with our budding innovation.  Sturdy and durable steel frame construction, fluently functional pedal, adjustable seating, highly sensitive handbrake function and large treaded pneumatic tyres are some of the few crowning points to eye out for. Whether it be, for the young punks or the grown-ups; a tryst with RIDO will make anyone fall in love with these rugged big wheels.

A need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem. RIDO was born out of ambition to satisfy the soaring demand for pedal go karts in the blooming entertainment market where clients were keeping an eye out for durable and long-lasting products which would be reasonably price-marked at the same time.
We know the Go-Karts have to be able to withstand heavy daily use in the busiest parks, be the safest in the market, and be the easiest to maintain in order to minimize down time. Therefore, our prime focus is to keep your go karts “on track” by building them tough and safe.

Our class of pedal go-karts is a realization of craftsmanship, design and innovation and has been molded keeping in mind all the age groups. You’ll be able to get down and dirty whilst racing against your friends along the tracks. Beat your age... Just Drive! Kids feel like grown-ups, and grown-ups act like kids.

When you want fast-paced fun, look no further than our electric Go Karts. Another adrenaline pumping activity awaiting you is Go Kart racing. The various race circuits are laid out in such a way that the race course is fun yet simple, making it appropriate for even the most inexperienced driver. The racing karts which can pace at speeds up to 20 kmph have good power backup capacities, so that the fun never ends. The electric go kart has several clear advantages over its gas-powered rivals, including a low environmental impact, absence of toxic exhaust fumes, and superior performance, which is why we decided when the company entered into the go-kart segment, we would promote electric go-karts.

What are you waiting for? Hop in the driver’s seat and get ready to zoom.....




“Be a reason for smile, be a symbol for change, and be a sponsor for solutions.”

Being mindful of the significance of play and its fruitful influence on empowering a child and inspired by our nation’s mission of “Make in India”, we at Funriders, devote all our efforts to make our kids happy and healthy, in turn helping in the fostering of the happiest families in the world and we also extend our paramount support to everyone joining us to make this vision come true.




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  • Implementing total quality management
  • Expanding market with diversified products
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