Let the fine era pedal with RIDO go-karts

Experience the different ranges of Pedal go karts that fit to all age group. . RIDO is an excellent first vehicle for children under ten to learn beginning driving, driver etiquette and safety that will make them good car drivers in the future.


yes Upcoming & promising concept to improve the driving skills of speed enthusiasts.

yes Helps a child to know about different traffic signals and sign boards.

yes RIDO gives youngsters an opportunity to practice impulse control in a safe environment.

yes Aimed at building essential social skills like team building, confidence and aiding the
     crazy drivers to embark on a career in speed racing.

yes Wise investment option keeping in view the various advantages RIDO and traffic parks offer.

yes Government in collaboration with the traffic department has already started taking initiatives to create traffic parks at various
     locations after observing the countless benefits it has had in various countries of the world.