Pedal Go Kart-FRGK3012

Spin the pedals and watch around, you love it, the idea of riding your Rido. It’s a simple ride that conjures a vast mix of emotions. This onyx black kart powered by pedals confers the children an outdoor ex

Pedal Go Kart-FRGK3015

Riding a pedal go kart is all about brain and body co-ordination, a means of transport, a tool for exploratory play, and a form of exercise, all in the same eco-friendly package. Pumping those pedals is good fo

Pedal Go Kart-FRGK3018

This harlequine green pedal driven go kart will make sure that your child will have hours of outdoor fun. Being pedal powered, it allows your child to control the speed of the cart and thereby enhancing a safe

Pedal Go Kart-FRGK3020

Featuring a strong metal frame construction with a stylish sporty look, this scarlet red pedal driven go kart will provide the ultimate outdoor karting fun to your child. It's always amazing to watch kids hone

Pedal Go Kart-FRGK3038

It is certain that kids love go-karting and go-karts, which is basically a midget of battery operated cars. Pedal go kart is really a conveyance of independence, giving them the confidence to explore their neig