Let the fine era pedal with RIDO go-karts

Experience the different ranges of Pedal go karts that fit to all age group. . RIDO is an excellent first vehicle for children under ten to learn beginning driving, driver etiquette and safety that will make them good car drivers in the future.



Pedal go-karts enable children to engage in outdoor fun and play that is at the same time a source of exercise. There is a rise in obesity in children today and exercise is more important than ever to ensure good health. Pedal Toys encourage exercise that is fun and has a greater chance of success compared to exercise that is seen as boring and uncool. Karts are very much in the fun category. Play products such as computers and play-stations are important for child development but their use must be balanced with play that entails exercise and fresh air.


Pedal go-karts are a great way for younger children to learn the basics of driving including steering, forward motion, backward motion all at speeds the child controls. This type of go-karts offer kids the thrill of driving and being on a track where they have to accommodate other similar vehicles. In a sense, this is a good first driving experience learning to share the roadway.


The go-kart encourages outdoor play; the pedaling is an obviously easy method of healthy exercise and the fun comes from the go-kart being in the child's imagination - his or her own car, complete with steering wheel. It's as real as its gets!.


Pedal karts are the safest because the driver controls the speed and stops, and starts. The vehicle will go only as fast as the driver can pedal. It will be a good habit to acquire for driving any bicycle, or motorcycle in the future.


A RIDO pedal go-kart may not be cheap when compared to other toys but it is seriously good value for money. The cost per week of playing pleasure is a lot lower than many trendy toys and games that come into fashion for a short while and then go out of fashion again. Most young people will use their RIDO pedal go-kart from age 2 up to about 14. As the seat is fully adjustable for growing legs it means that the go-kart can be used during all the childhood years.


RIDO pedal go-karts made to last and to withstand serious use. Every frame is made of steel and welded with precision robots. The frame is treated with a powder coating and fired in a 200°oven resulting in a go-kart with a durable frame and a rock hard enamel finish. The whole manufacturing process gives RIDO the confidence to give the top warranty cover in this product sector with a 5-year guarantee on the frame.